Best Accredited CBT Training Courses Online

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Overcome your fears and ditch negative thinking with the best accredited CBT training courses online.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence recommended CBT for various health problems like personality disorders, anxiety, depression, and psychosis.

CBT helps us to get an in-depth understanding of the relationships between our behaviors, thinking, environment, and feelings and how they affect us.

Explore our list of paid and free online courses for beginners, intermediate, and expert learners. These top courses will help you understand Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. 

10 Best Accredited CBT Training Courses Online

CBT training courses can help you deal with various problems like anxiety disorder, depression, alcohol, and drug abuse, mental illness and eating disorders, etc. 

If you are searching for the best CBT training courses, check this list of 10 best online courses, certifications, and tutorials.

1.   Introduction to CBT: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

About the Course:

This is an excellent course for professionals and individual therapists who are looking forward to enhancing their portfolios. While the course alone will not make you a therapist, students take this course to sell themselves as a professional coaches.

It doesn’t matter your learning style, this course is best suited for everyone. If you also love working independently, this course is right for you.

The course is comprehensive and it covers CBT principles, recognizing our emotions, understanding CBT triangle, and finding alternatives just to mention a few.

Why is this course good?

· The course is comprehensive and very easy to follow.

· It suits anyone regardless of your learning style

· Libby Seery, the course creator is available 7 days a week.

Who is this course for?

· People interested in self-development and self-help.

· Those who want to expand their career in the therapy or coaching field.

· Anyone looking forward to becoming their own CBT therapist or counselor.

Offered by: Udemy

Duration: 1h 53m 

Level: Beginner

2.   CBT Cognitive Behavior Therapy Life Coaching Certification

About the Course:

This is a detailed online course that enables you to leverage the science of your mind. you will learn how to achieve psychological peace, master communication with yourself, and re-set your mind for happiness.

It also teaches you how to get rid of self-sabotaging thinking and behavior and removing the emotional block. The course includes handouts and a free customizable coaching workbook.

Upon completing the course, you are eligible to apply for Accredited CSA Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach Certification.

Why is this course good?

· It helps students to get psychological peace and manage stress.

· You learn how to master difficult emotions.

· It enables you to program your mind for positive and healthier thoughts.

Who is this course for?

· Anyone interested in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy practices.

· CBT coaching practitioners like teachers, pastors, social workers, etc.

· Coaching professionals who need integrative approaches to help other people.

· People who want to grow their success and happiness.

Offered by: Udemy

Duration: 3h 38m

Level: Hard

3.   Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 

About the Course:

This course covers the better part of psychology. You will learn more about understanding human behavior and the human mind.

It explores more about the brain and various cognitive abilities like consciousness, memory, attention, learning, and perception. 

You will also learn more about human development, different forms of mental illnesses, and the treatments for people suffering from them.

Why is this course good?

· It will help you know how to appreciate yourself.

· You will change how you think about yourself and others.

· The course is free

· It helps you learn mental illness and psychological issues

Who is this course for?

· Beginners who would like to know more about psychology

· People who want to know about clinical disorders and the therapies to treat them.

Offered by: University of Toronto

Duration: 20:30 min

Level: Starter

4.   CBT for Depression, Anxiety, Phobias and Panic Attacks

About the Course:

This is another course from Libby Serry, a CBT teacher, CBT practitioner, counselor, and psychotherapy coach. The course will help you understand stress disorders, anxiety, and depression.

You will learn how to overcome stress and give yourself peace. The course included 44 downloadable resources that provide support and guidance for a full learning experience. 

The course also helps you get the right tools to become your own CBT therapist. 

Why is this course good?

· You don’t need prior experience or special requirements. 

· The course if detailed and easy to follow

· You will learn how to deal with anxiety, depression, and panic attack among others.

Who is this course for?

· People who want to address phobias, depression, panic attacks, and anxiety.

· If you want to get rid of negative thoughts.

· Those who look forward to taking charge of their life without paying more for therapy sessions.

Offered by: Udemy 

Duration: 1h 51m

Level: Beginner

5.   CBT Cognitive Behavior Life Coach Certification: Accredited

About the Course:

In this course, you will learn more about using CBT on yourself and other life coaching clients. As a life coach, it is easy to help your life coaching clients avoid negative distractions that prevent them from maximizing their potential.

Many people don’t reach their potential because they were never taught how their minds work. Lack of abilities, personality, talent, and intelligence prevent them from achieving their dreams.

With this course, you can help your coach clients to avoid doubting themselves and believe in their dreams.

Why is this course good?

· Helps you use CBT to help your clients overcome procrastination

· Help clients make more complex decisions.

· You can use CBT to help clients overcome fears that hold them back.

Who is this course for?

· Those who want to become Certified Cognitive Behavioral Coach.

· People who are passionate about transforming other people’s lives. 

Offered by: Udemy

Duration: 5h 47m

Level: Difficulty 

6.   Understanding Anxiety, Depression and CBT

About the Course:

Anxiety and depression are commonly used terms in our societies. However, not everyone understands what exactly they are. This course will help you explore their meaning or how to identify them.

This 5-week course enables you to understand more about anxiety and depression. It is worth noting that the course is not intended to be a self-treating for people suffering from depression and anxiety.

You should also not use the course to diagnose anyone or yourself. The beginner course is best for people interested in knowing more about depression, anxiety, and mental illness.

Why is this course good?

· It is a free and detailed online course

Who is this course for?

· People who have experienced emotional difficulties in the past.

· Family or friends going through emotional difficulties

· Healthcare professionals in charge of detecting mental health problems

Offered by: University of Reading 

Duration: 5 weeks long, 3 hours a week

Level: Beginner

7.   The Fundamentals of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

About the Course:

This entry-level course provides a good foundation for leadership skills, coaching, and management skills. Through CBT, you can increase your personal growth, mental well-being, and inner resilience.

This course covers self-improvement principles that help you develop a strong foundation to boost your confidence.

The comprehensive course allows you to boost your social skills, improve self-awareness and make better decisions. 

Why is this course good?

· You don’t need education or prior experience to take the course.

· You can study the course anywhere if you have a stable internet connection.

· You get additional PDT materials to enhance your learning.

· Easy to access the training on your desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

Who is this course for?

· People who want to increase their mental wellness through CBT.

· Those who want to improve their leadership, interpersonal, and management skills.

Offered by: Udemy

Duration: 14h 42m

Level: Beginner

8.   CBT Training 

About the Course:

Beck Institute has the leading training and resources in CBT. They are specialists in this field and they offer exceptional training through their online CBT training.

They provide training to both organizations and individuals by coaching mental and health professionals worldwide. Their CBT training is variable and runs at different times throughout the year.

So, if you miss a course date, you can check it again. After completing your training, you are given a 28 grace period where you can refer to the course materials.

Why is this course good?

· The course is very engaging and interactive 

· Access to video material, exercises, and discussion prompt. 

Who is this course for?

· Individuals interested in enhancing their CBT skills.

Offered by: Beck Institute

Duration: Variable

Level: Beginner

9.   CBT Integrative Wellness Life Coach Accredited Certification

About the Course:

This is an animated representation training suitable for visual and auditory learners. The course is great for beginners and it will benefit different people.

It incorporates 6 modalities: cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology, art therapy, life coaching, NLP, and rational behavioral therapy.

The course is created following the mental health principles framework. If you apply it correctly, you can improve your self-actualization and develop positive change. After completing the entire course and course assignments, you are eligible for a certificate. 

Why is this course good?

· You don’t need a background in life coaching or psychology.

Who is this course for?

· Those who need to use it as a personal or professional reflective tool.

· Coaching professionals who need integrative approaches to assist others.

· Organization leaders, life coaches, nurses, councilors, pastors, workers, and parents, etc.

Offered by: Udemy

Duration: 4h 8m

Level: Beginner

10.  CBT for Psychosis

About the Course:

This is a course that focuses on reducing distress and disability that result from psychotic experiences. It will teach you how to collaborate with people going through these experiences.

You will first understand the nature of CBT and psychosis to better understand how you can benefit from CBT. It introduces the various styles of CBT for psychosis and how you can apply CBT to the problem areas.

The course has slides with diagrams, video lectures, video demonstrations, and links to extra resources to enhance your learning. 

The program takes about 6 hours to complete and after finishing the test, Commonwealth Educational Seminar is awarded to nurses, psychologists, licensed professional counselors, and social workers among other professions.

Why is this course good?

· The course includes all essential resources to further your learning.

· It provides a better understanding of CBT and how it can help you.

· Students learn to come up with means of normalizing psychotic experiences by viewing them as understandable based on a person’s life story. 

Who is this course for?

· People trained in providing CBT therapy.

· People who offer mental health treatment.

· Those who have psychotic experiences before.

Offered by: Udemy

Duration: 5h 24m

Level: Hard


With the above accredited CBT training courses, you can get many solutions to different psychological problems. People with psychological problems find better ways of relieving the symptoms and making their lives better. 

Select the right online course that meets your requirement, and you will finally get your certification. The above list includes both paid and free online CBT training courses.

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