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Property and risk management require great value and financial understanding. 

To be able to take good care of your car, house, land, boat, or jewelry, you need a great understanding of property management and casualty insurance. 

In most cases, property owners will need help with all that. That is where the professionals come in. 

Insurance agents are individuals with certified knowledge and can sell policies that protect individuals and businesses from incurring unseen losses from their assets.

To offer such financial safeguards and risk management, you need to study and earn your professionalism. 

Luckily, with the current technology, you can earn your license and certification from a lot of online universities and colleges.

Top 10 Best Online Property and Casualty Courses

Below are some of the best online property and casualty courses that will earn you the certification required to pursue a property and casualty insurance career.

1. Fundamentals of Analyzing Real Estate Investments

About this course:

This a detailed course designed to convert beginners into full-scale property investors and managers. It is designed with an easy cope with a module that makes studying so easy.

Upon completion of this course, you’ll be able to distinguish a good property from a bad one, understand the math behind property evaluation and appeal to clients as a property investment agent.

Above all, this course comes including all the study resources that you can need to turn into a property investment guru completely.

Why is this course good?

· Great study resources availed 

· Easy to digest course even for newbies

· 30-day money-back guaranteed by Udemy

Who this course for: 

· Real estate investing beginners

· Anyone interested in Airbnb investments

Course offered by:

· Udemy

Duration: 19 hours (18.5 hours videos + 19 articles + 69 downloads)

Level: Beginner

2. Real Estate Asset Management

About this course:

This real estate asset management course is offered independent of your location and state. This is the Kansas version of the course, but you can find the modules relevant to your area.

However, the course is perfect for anyone focusing on understanding property valuation and asset management worldwide.

Boost your decision-making in the world of property investments and change your game as an asset manager.

Why is this course good?

· Certification upon completion

· Constant content updates 

· Study at your own pace

Who this course for: 

· Real estate agents looking for additional skills

· Intermediate property investors

Course offered by:

· 360 Training Agent Campus

Duration: 3 hours 

Level: Certificate

3. Principles of Home Inspection

About this course:

This interactive online entails detailed instructions and information needed to learn home inspection skills needed today.

From foundations to roofing, you will be able to know what to look for to solve notorious home defects. The curriculum is unique and easy to keep up with.

This course will make you property owners’ favorite and a hero in the field of property valuation and home improvement.

Why is this course good?

· Fully detailed and self-explanatory course

· Hands-on curriculum and technical illustrations

· Contains delineating and dedicated units

Who this course for: 

· Real estate agents

· Home Inspectors

Course offered by:

· KAPLAN Real Estate Education

Duration: 90 hours 

Level: Standard

4. The Effect of Fires on People, Property and the Environment

About this course:

Fire is one of the most common property threats today. for any insurance agent, casualty evaluators, and home inspectors, this course will help you understand the levels of threat and damages associated with fire.

The course also takes you through prevention against fire damages and compensation approaches towards fire damages.

Learn significant impacts of fire on the environment, and how you can prevent damages that fire can expose your assets towards.

Why is this course good?

· The short course is less time consuming

· Fully detailed study resources

· Access the course at any time once purchased

Who this course for: 

· Casualty evaluators

· Insurance Agents

· Home Inspectors

Course offered by:

· University of Maryland

· Coursera

Duration: 14 hours 

Level: Professional

5. Corporate Insurance Fraud Prevention

About this course:

If you are an insurer, home inspector, or insurance investigator, then this course will greatly improve your ability to spot fraud and up your risk management skills.

For real estate investors, you will gain great skills to help you differentiate good deals from the bad. Besides, the course is short and fully detailed to offer great resources without consuming much of your time.

After the completion of the course, you’ll be able to understand in-depth the use of paper property and spot staged accidents.

Why is this course good?

· Easy and self-paced

· No advanced skills or preparation required

Who this course for: 

· Anyone 

Course offered by:

· Udemy

Duration: 1 hour 

Level: Beginner

6. Real Estate Finance Self-Study Course

About the course:

This is a comprehensive course that expands your knowledge of real estate sales. You will learn more about the monetary system, financial leverage instruments, and home mortgage nuances.

After reading this textbook, you get updated instruction on real estate finance while satisfying California state licensing necessities. 

The book meets the pre-licensing elective for salespeople and it covers various topics. Some of the topics are noninstitutional lenders, junior loans in real estate, and real estate loan underwriting. 

Why is this course good?

· The course satisfies the licensing requirements in California state.

· Nice course for broker applicants.

· It meets the pre-licensing elective for salespeople 

Who is it for?

· Suitable for all broker applicants 

Where it’s offered:

· Kaplan Real Estate Education 

Duration: 45-Credit Hours

Level: Self-study 

7. Commercial Real Estate Investing 101

About the course:

If you are interested in investing in commercial real estate, this course is right for you. The course instructor has many transaction experiences in commercial real estate exceeding $1.5 billion.

The main aim of this course is to help beginners with no knowledge and equip them with an in-depth understanding of commercial real estate.

Students can develop skills and foundation knowledge to help them land a lucrative job in commercial real estate. They also learn how to analyze commercial real estate properties.

Why is this course good?

· It helps students to land high-paying real estate jobs.

· Earn high-profit deals by investing in a passive limited partner.

· It will help you buy commercial real estate property by raising money from investors. 

Who is it for? 

· Investors looking forward to growing their wealth

· Students looking for lucrative commercial real estate jobs.

Where it’s offered:

· Udemy

Duration: 3h 52m

Level: Beginner 

8. NY Property & Casualty Licensing Course

About the course:

This course is best suited for agents and brokers who need property and casualty licenses. With a license, you can advise homes on various to protect their assets and give them peace of mind.

The course is available in various levels like basic, plus, and elite. You must be over 18 years to get a property and casualty insurance license.

You should also have never been convicted of a felony and other crimes and submit a background check. After meeting these criteria, you need to complete the 96-hour classroom requirement from a state-accredited institution.

Why is this course good?

· You advise people on the best ways to protect their assists 

Who is it for? 

· People who want to work as property & casualty agents or brokers

Where it’s offered:

· New York Real Estate Institute 

Duration: 96 hours

Level: Basic, Plus, and Elite

9. Florida Online Home Inspection Course

About the course: 

This is a comprehensive and professional home inspection course. It contains everything you need to know to kickstart your home inspection career.

The course covers the entire process of home inspection through presentations from the instructor. You will get GoPro video footage of real home inspections and other essential materials.

They provide the training step-by-step, and the approach is in small segments for easier learning. You will cover 14 essential components of the home inspection process.

Why is this course good?

· Approved by Florida Department of Business and Professional regulation

· It contains everything you need to know about home inspection

Who is it for? 

· Home inspection professionals 

Where it’s offered:

· Mbition Learn real Estate 

Duration: 120 hours

Level: Professional 

10.Property & Casualty Insurance Licensing Course

About the course: 

If you are in Louisiana and want to sell insurance, you need to obtain a Louisiana Department of Insurance license.

Donaldson is the best place to take your property, casualty, and insurance licensing course in Louisiana. They have been training licensees for more than 10 years.

You need to attend the 40-hour pre-license course, apply for a license to PSI, and then pass the licensing examination. They provide excellent customer service and ensure you get your license in the shortest time possible. 

Why is this course good?

· You will get all the materials you need for the course

· Excellent customer representatives who make the whole process easy and quick.

· It takes a short time to get your license.

Who is it for? 

· People who need insurance licensing education 

Where it’s offered:

· DONALDSON Education Services 

Duration: 40 hours

Level: Pre-license 

What Are the Goals of Property and Casualty Courses? 

You can take your property and casualty courses online from all over the globe. Some of the major goals include being able to offer real-time solutions to the problems facing this industry.

Most property owners, businesses, and individuals face a lot of unforeseen casualties. That is why these courses are vital. 

They offer the knowledge and skills necessary to advise individuals, families, and businesses to protect the value of their assets.

Why Get a Property and Casualty Certificate?

Most people take this course for a lot of knowledge and career reasons. Some of them include:

● To have adequate property management knowledge

● To earn insurance skills and a license 

● Pursue a career in property and casualty 

● Boost your skills and profile


Learning any of the online courses reviewed above will enable you to achieve your property management goals. They will also give you the skills needed to assist property owners, businesses, and individuals in avoiding future risks and casualties.

Remember, you are always guaranteed certification and license award upon completion of any of these courses. 

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