Do Apprentices Get Holiday Pay?

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  • Date: October 10, 2021
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Starting an apprenticeship can be a very rewarding experience.

An apprenticeship is when an aspiring professional gets hands-on training for the career path of their choice.

Not only do they get to learn a lot about the profession, but they also get a real experience of what day-to-day life is like on the job.

Each apprenticeship has a certain amount of hours that need to be completed.

The student that is working as an apprentice does get paid for the hours they put on the job.

However, since they are in the learning process they don’t make as much money as the employees.

This leads a lot of apprentices to wonder if they are entitled to holiday pay.

Will apprentices receive holiday pay?

Every apprentice is entitled to holiday pay.

They rely on their weekly paycheck to get by, no different than any other employee.

This means that if one of their regular workdays falls on a statutory holiday, the apprentice is entitled to holiday pay.

That being said, every apprenticeship is different from the next.

A contract should always be presented to the apprentice so they are aware of what they are entitled to.

Most apprentices will be entitled to bank holidays and an additional day and a half of holiday pay for every month of training.

An apprentice is meant to be treated the same as other employees.

This means that they have the same rights as everyone else.

Do apprentices get the same privileges as employees?

The main difference between an apprentice and an employee is their rate and schedule.

Since an employee has more experience in the profession, they are worth a higher wage than the apprentice who is still learning.

An employee will likely be teaching the apprentice valuable skills on the job.

Their schedules also may be different because an apprentice needs more time off for learning.

This means they are likely to work shorter hours in a day, or a shorter week.

Other than that, apprentices are still entitled to the same privileges and rights as employees are.

This includes:

  • 2 days off per week
  • Minimum of 11 hours off between shifts
  • Holiday pay
  • The national minimum wage for apprentices 
  • Fair treatment, discrimination-free workplace
  • Health and safety training
  • Rest breaks

Will apprentices receive a vacation?

Since an apprentice is entitled to the same rights as an employee, they are also entitled to vacation time each year.

Most apprentices will get the basic minimum vacation time as the other entry level employees would receive.

Every country has different laws regarding vacation time.

The contract presented to the apprentice should detail how much vacation time they are entitled to for the year.

While an apprentice in the US can expect at least 2 weeks, those in the UK are entitled to at least 20 days.

Some places of employment may bank a certain amount of the apprentice’s wages in a savings fund.

This can be used as desired, which means they can take a longer vacation with some of it unpaid, or inquire about the funds without taking a vacation.

Will an apprentice earn money while they are on vacation?

When an apprentice takes time off for any reason, they will not earn money.

The apprenticeship program will only pay them for the time they have worked.

In order to receive money while they are on vacation, the apprentice will need to use their vacation funds.

If the apprentice has not acquired enough vacation funds to pay them for the approved time off, they will have to take unpaid time off.

How many holidays is an apprentice entitled to each year?

Since an apprentice is treated the same as an employee, they will be entitled to the same holidays.

There are 8 bank holidays in which they will be paid for each year.

They will also be entitled to their regular vacation days as well.

What should an apprentice do if they don’t receive holiday pay?

An employer must be aware that an apprentice is to be treated the same as a regular employee.

This means that they are entitled to holiday pay.

Before accepting an apprenticeship, the apprentice should make sure to get an apprentice agreement in writing.

This contract will ensure the employer is aware the apprentice is entitled to holiday pay.

If for any reason the employer refuses to give the apprentice holiday pay, the apprentice can contact the government to file a complaint with the labor standards section.

Any workplace that tries to refuse an apprentice holiday pay could have disciplinary action taken against them.

Is an apprentice entitled to more time off than an employee?

An apprentice is entitled to the same time off as an employee.

They will receive bank holidays, regular vacation time, and at least 2 days off per week.

However, an apprentice will have a shorter weekly schedule than an employee.

This is because they are still in the learning process and need extra time to study throughout the week.

An apprentice is likely to work fewer hours throughout the day than an employee would or work a shorter week.

They will not get paid for the time taken off to study.

Apprentices only earn wages for the hours they work.

Final thoughts

An apprenticeship can be an excellent opportunity for any student who wants to learn more about a profession.

This is a learning experience that allows people to gain experience as real employees.

Since apprentices are putting in the work, they deserve the reward.

This means that apprentices are entitled to holiday pay just like a regular employee is.

Apprentices also bank vacation days for each month they work.

Every location has different rules regarding vacation time, so an apprentice agreement should always be presented to the apprentice so they know what to expect.

These holiday days are just as important to an apprentice as they are an employee.

Apprentices rely on their holiday pay when they are off.

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