How Old Is Too Old For Apprenticeship? (Need To Know This)

  • By: Preetam
  • Date: October 10, 2021
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More people out there are seeking the opportunity to be apprentices, but they’re worried about the age limit on apprenticeships. 

Well, there’s been a misconception that apprenticeships are only available to young adults who’re fresh out of school.

But again, how old is too old for an apprenticeship? The good news is that many governments have introduced new reforms that will change the face of apprenticeships. 

Let’s chime in and discuss whether or not you’re old for an apprenticeship. 

How old is too old for an apprenticeship?

Can I be too old for an apprenticeship? As of now, there’s no apprenticeship age limit. 

You can do it at any age. Anyone aged 16 and above is qualified to be an apprentice, including young school leavers and those looking for career shifts. 

Those who want to develop skills regarding their current job can as well be enrolled. 

Sometimes back, apprenticeships were for 16-24-year olds. 

Going by the recent apprenticeship programme, the maximum age limit has been scrapped. 

For example, in the United Kingdom, 46 percent of apprentices were 25+ years old just one year ago. 

This was a massive increase in the numbers. 

In simple words, the apprenticeship program is for people of:

  • All experience levels, and
  • All backgrounds

That means you’re never too old to be an apprentice.

Are You Ever Too Old For an Apprenticeship?

The answer is no. You can do advanced apprenticeships at any age. 

Apparently, there’s no apprenticeship age limit, as most of us thought.

Many governments have come up with advanced apprenticeships that are seemingly seen to be great for older people, job-changers and possibly wiser.

While that could be the case, quite some workforce still believe they’re too old for an apprenticeship.

 If this limitation still exists in your mind, then that’s a missed opportunity!

It’s not too late to change your career or shape up your skills. 

The Apprenticeship Preparation Program has plenty of options to choose from, evolve and change with time. 

Reasons why you’re never too old to be an apprenticeship

You can take on a new challenge at any age today. 

Many industries have skills deficits, so you can take this advantage by doing an apprenticeship. 

Here’s why you’re never old to be an apprentice. 

  • It’s about attitude, not age.

We did set things straight that apprenticeships aren’t for your people only. 

Everyone, regardless of age, has an equal opportunity to enrol, train and start earning a living from these programmes. 

  • Gives an opportunity to rediscover your passion

You’ve probably been out in the cold for quite some time. Or you’re earning your daily bread by working in a certain job. 

The truth is that you have inadequate time to flex your brain muscle.

Doing an apprenticeship provides you with an opportunity to thrive and rediscover your passion for learning. 

The program helps you balance your time and shifts. It’s you who will decide when and how to learn. 

  • You get a unique outlook

Any team made up of members from different races, areas, and experiences is perfect for making decisions. 

Since every person from a different background has his/her own way of doing things, there will be a unique outlook. 

Probably those extra years could be what you’re looking for to add more skills to the team. 

So, apply to an apprentice and don’t let anything put you off from going for it.  

  • The communication skills you get are still valuable

As we may be knowing, communication skills are critical. 

While they’re transferable, employers are searching for a great talker and listener to add to their team. 

Those years in the apprenticeship programme make you qualified. 

After all, they say ‘age comes with wisdom’. An apprenticeship is right for you.

What Is The Max Age For An Apprenticeship?

There’s no maximum age limit for an apprenticeship. 

In theory, everyone can apply to be an apprentice. 

It takes between 1 to 6 years to complete, but this depends on the level and apprenticeship chosen. 

As opposed to what most of you believe that apprenticeship chances are meant for younger people aged 16 years, you can earn qualifications and later a living.

Average Age to Start Apprentice in the USA and UK

Whether in the US or UK, there’s no average age to start an apprenticeship. 

You can enrol on their programme at any age as long as you meet all the requirements and abide by all rules.

Mathematically, the average age of new apprentices starting the programme in the UK and US is 16-24 years

That represents 34.4 percent of apprentices. 

People aged 60+ are also qualified to apply for these positions. 

FAQs about Apprenticeships

Is 21 too old to start an apprenticeship?

No, you aren’t too old. The programme has no age limit. In fact, most people who are enrolling for apprenticeships are aged between 16 and 24 years.

At 21, you’re within what we can call ‘the common bracket.”  

Is 40 too old to start an apprenticeship?

Not really. No limit exists in learning. At that age, apprenticeships can benefit you in many ways in your career.

You can restart in a new field, recharge or sharpen your skills in a certain area of work. 

For instance, age can’t restrict an electrical apprenticeship.

Instead, it will add or change the experience.

Don’t be shy to go for that opportunity! 

Can I do an apprenticeship at 50?

Yes. The tune has changed, and equally important, apprenticeships aren’t for the young age only.

Nearly everyone aged 16+ years can apply for the programme. 

They give equal opportunities for everyone to gain experience or new skills in a new field.

Even at 50, just take that step towards upskilling your career. All in all, you’ve nothing to lose.


Apprenticeship eligibility has become a heated debate for the last few years, but things have really changed when it comes to age.

There’s no age limit for apprenticeships.

Take that opportunity and fire up your career with apprenticeship programmes.

As long as you’re 16, you can apply for advanced apprenticeship vacancies.

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