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As an eco-conscious person, taking an environmental science course is of utmost importance. 

It helps solve complex problems related to environmental sustainability, pollution control, waste disposal, and water treatment.

And what are these best online courses for environmental science?

There’s a need to balance the long-term environmental challenges and the short-term human needs of tomorrow. 

And with such a course, it’s easy to address such problems. 

With a series of online courses out there, you can specialize or boost your skills at your own pace. 

My general concern about the planet led me down a rabbit hole of research to find some of these best online courses.

10 best Online Courses for Environmental Science

In the modern era, environmental science consists of and incorporates geography, biology, physics, chemistry, and social science aspects. 

Environmentalists study various ways in which people alongside other organisms interact and affect our planet. 

They also learn more about the natural world. 

1. Global environmental problems: Surveying the Human Footprint

About this course:

This online course deals with environmental issues. The course uses broad case studies and geographical discussions to help all learners understand every environmental problem.

It explores the planet at large through the eyes of human influence. 

From a geographical perspective, the course will talk more about human behaviors in relation to the use and treatment of the environment. 

Equally important, we focus on global environmental issues on different dimensions, including climate change, human footprint, and Earth’s subsystems. 

With a good internet connection, you can easily subscribe to online classes.

Why is this course good?

  • It provides a deeper understanding of the human being influenced by the environment
  • The students will understand environmental challenges and the protection solutions
  • Learners will identify the major causes of environmental pollution and climate change

Who this course for: 

  • Any person interested in knowing the role of the human in the environment
  • People who would want to sharpen their environmental skills

Course offered by:

  • Udemy
  • California State University, Fullerton (instructor)

Duration: 10 weeks (including 27 downloadable resources and 1.5 hours on-demand video)

Level: Difficulty

2. Sustainable Materials Management

 About this course:

Well, this course touches on the circular economy. Keep in mind that circular economy involves the spatial dimensions of waste management. 

While many countries, including the US, continue to welcome this mission, this course deeply looks at where raw materials we use come from. 

And again, how you can use these materials effectively without causing harm to the environment. In addition to that, the course helps you understand the sustainable ways of disposing of them. 

Why is this course good?

  • It’s through this course that students learn where the materials we use daily come from
  • The course explains the best ways to use the materials effectively as we take care of ‘earth.’
  • You can decide to specialize in any sub-category or field of environmental science. 
  • The skills you get are paramount. Help the society to become eco-conscious (give back to the community)

Who this course is for:

  • Enroll it if you want to learn how to choose materials and use them properly
  • Those concerned about circular economy 

Course offered by:

  • Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland
  • Lund University
  • Ghent University
  • International Institute For Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE)

Duration: Approx. 19 hours

Level: Difficulty

3. Global Environmental Management

About the Course:

For this course, you don’t have to pay as it has a free program. 

Learn about global trends and how they affect our environment. By any chance, you’ll have an opportunity to learn how the best environmental technologies are managed in various settings for sustainable development.

The course gets into details on how different approaches can influence the environment, either positively or negatively. 

This includes environmental technologies for sustainable groundwater protection, sustainable soil management, and more. 

Why is this course good?

  • You can learn about global trends, and they influence not only the environment but also living conditions
  • Students can get a tangible career after completing the course
  • You can start it as your new career
  • It’s 100% online ( you can learn at your schedule)

Who is this course for?

  • The vast majority who are looking for new careers
  • Anyone who wants to become an environmental protection advocate
  • Those who want to know more about green life and technology

Offered by:

  • Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Duration: Approx. 11 hours to complete (module 1 and module 4)

Level: Difficulty

4. Built environment sustainability assessment

 About the Course:

This course introduces all fundamental trends and elements on carbon footprint and material properties. 

It involves tools for environmental assessment as well as sustainability policy impact analysis.

With this course, you’ll have an opportunity to create a model that’s adequate for developing urban cities to ensure proper waste management, now and in the future.

Why is this course good?

  • The course expands your skills on matters concerning environmental safety for a better tomorrow
  • You get to know about the dimensions for urban sustainability
  • Students take the approach at their own pace

Who is it for?

  • Professionals with a plan of promoting urban sustainability
  • Individuals who want to boost their career profile

Where to learn from:

  • Universitat Politècnica de Valencia (UPV)

Duration: 5 weeks 

Level: Hard

5. Course Environmental Studies Certificates 

About the course

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, and expert, this course is suitable. 

The course incorporates sub-field that include environmental policy, natural resource management, and pollution. 

Besides, the course delves deeper into some important niche topics such as sustainability, global warming, and ecosystems. 

As per the modules, you’ll learn about how to conserve our natural resources. 

Learners do get access to a set of resources such as quizzes, videos, and tools.

Why is this course good?

  • It helps learners derive practical solutions to environmental issues like global warming, pollution, waste management, and sustainability. 
  • It’s an e-learning course that you can study at your own pace
  • The course is offered free of charge
  • Learners will get to know how to conserve the environment, especially natural resources

Who is it for?

  • Individuals who want to engage in more research concerning the environment. 
  • People who need professional certificates in matters concerning environmental policy

Where it’s offered:

  • IES Abroad Freiburg, Germany

Duration: 1-2 semesters

Level: Difficulty

6. Environmental Science & Hazardous Waste Management Course

The basic concepts of this course are the principle of waste management handling procedures, environmental impact assessment, and management. 

It covers environmental pollution – water, air, and soil pollution. The main things are the causes, sources, and effects of pollution that result in automobile hazards and factory carbon emissions. 

In certain sections, the course briefly discusses pollution control equipment. And on the stages, you’ll be enlightened on hazardous waste management. 

 Why is this course good?

  • It teaches about all types of hazardous waste and how to manage it
  • You’ll learn about the causes, types, and effect of environmental pollution 
  • Upon completion, you’ll earn a specialization certificate
  • The best instructors teach the course from the best universities

Who is it for? 

  • Environmental students, officers, and engineers
  • Graduate students for waste management subject

 Where it’s offered:

  • Udemy

Duration: 12 hours 

Level: Difficulty

7. Introduction to Sustainability

About the course:

The course explores how human activities can influence ecosystems and global climate change. 

It will focus on main areas of sustainability, including environmental policy and economics, energy, water, and population.

This online subject seeks to build solutions facing our planet. 

It provides the best approaches and practices to deal with carbon impacts. 

You can choose from in-depth programs, short-term courses, and postgraduate degrees to earn an e-certificate achievement.  

Why is this course good?

  • Students learn various topics related to the environment like sustainability and climate change
  • You can earn a shareable certificate upon completion
  • It can be a career course
  • It helps you define and measure the challenges of sustainability

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who wants to specialize in environmental science
  • Those interested in sustainability development

Where it’s offered:

  • The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Duration: About 25 hours to complete

Level: Difficulty

8. Solid Waste Management  

About the course:

Waste disposal is among the most pressing environmental issues today. 

This course prioritizes improving solid waste management (SWM), thus providing a healthier and cleaner environment. 

The main module, SWM, helps you identify new water and energy sources – this step tackles climate change challenges. 

Enroll in this e-learning course and learn how to collect and dispose of waste. 

Why this course is good

  • You’ll get a better understanding of the concept of solid waste management
  • Evaluates the importance of promoting a waste-free lifestyle in the environmental sector
  • It helps you reduce the cost and use of virgin resources and instead recycle materials 
  • It simplifies the concept of disposing of garbage

Who is it for?

  • Client teams who work on urban-related waste management projects
  • People who have an interest in learning about the complexity and challenges of the solid waste sector 

Where it’s offered:

  • World Bank Group – Open Learning Campus

Duration: 6 weeks

Level: Hard

9. Introduction to Global Environmental Issues 

About the course:

The course focuses on environmental issues like climate change, energy consumption, biodiversity loss, and human responses. All these are of global concern. 

This module explores the topical and significant environmental issues that affect ecosystems, the physical milieu, and societies. 

Alongside that, it will examine economic factors behind other issues that affect our plant.

Why this course is good

  • It introduces the main drivers of environmental change
  • The course examines the contemporary nature of climate change concern
  • It keeps you aware of a range of environmental issues 
  • Examines potential approaches to address these issues

Who is it for?

  • Any geography student dealing with climate change research 
  • The vast majority interested in scientific report writing skills

Where it’s offered:

  • University of Glasgow

Duration: 1 semester (2-hour lecture weekly)

Level: Hard

10 Air Pollution (Global Threat to our Environment and Health)

About the course

Air pollution (outdoor and indoor) is an environmental issue that affects all of us. 

This course outlines how air pollution levels from city to rural areas affect human health. 

If you want to know what the sources are, this course will be suitable for you. The module address some important questions like:

What should you do to reduce hazardous chemicals in the air?

What should be the sustainable development goal?

Why is this course good?

  • It explains the sources of both indoor and outdoor air pollution 
  • This module explains the health effects once you get exposed to fossil fuels
  • The course explains different ways in which we can fight air pollution

Who is it for? 

Anyone would want to understand what air pollution is all about

Where it’s offered:

  • University of Copenhagen

Duration: 3 weeks

Level: hard

What are the goals of environmental science courses? 

Many schools do offer environmental science courses globally. 

It’s a broad topic of study, and as a learner, you can specialize in many areas, including environment management, ecological systems, air pollution control, and sustainability.

The main goal is to examine and get viable solutions for air pollution. 

The programs suggest policies to follow in the road to saving our environment.

Why Get an Environmental Science certificate?

Learners pursue this course for various reasons. Why opt for these online classes?

  • Expand knowledge
  • Sharpen skills o matter concerning the environment
  • It can be your career course
  • Improves your profile


With these online courses for environmental science, you can achieve greater levels of conserving the environment. 

Just choose the module that meets your goals and mission.  

Eventually, you’ll get the certificate of completion. 

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